Issue with Pyramid steps

Hello - I was curious if anyone else had the issue I did where I was unable to get the steps to connect to the ground - or actually I could, but it was stretched really far out and teh bottom was not flat. Sorry I did not take a screenshot of that. If the professor follows this discussion I can send my Blender file so you can see what I did wrong. I have two copies of Blender on my machine - 2.78c and 2.79 - and will be redoing sections I have issues with in 2.78c while moving ahead with 2.79. Thanks for any advice.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.59.11 AM

MayanPyr1steps.blend (411.7 KB)

First, the normals on your stair are all reversed - Use Cntl+N to fix

Second, your pivot point is of touring a foreign country - consider keeping it local to your work

Third, you need to manage 4 edges and 2 faces (totaling 10 edges) while working with the base of your ramp.

Fourth, consider what you are trying to snap to - At this point it’s probably easiest to snap to the edge representing the bottom of the pyramid then switch to increments and move the edges out (the goal is to get the edge of your ramp to 0, 11, 0 while bringing the end of your railings along for the ride)

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