Issue with outline on selected object

Struggling to figure out what the problem is here. When I select the knight object, there’s a strange outline artefact in the middle of the mesh.

I’ve checked that normals are facing the right way and that there aren’t any double edges, I suspect it might be a topology issue, but I’m not sure how to fix it or prevent it in the future.

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Model is probably not solid (contain a small opening) as in not Manifold.

  • check for doubles
  • check fo holes.

The 3D print addon, has a check manifold option. Becaus 3D printer can not print if an object has no clossed mesh (manifold).

Thanks, you were right!

It wasn’t manifold. It was just an edge with no connecting faces.

Managed to fix it by deleting the face that ran underneath the edges and filling between them.



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