Issue with my level

after creating my level, the framerate has became horrible. The number of gameobjects in the scene seems to affect the frame rate. How am I supposed to display this forest in order to not hinder the gameplay ?

Just my two cents… but those trees are probably a bit too densely populated. A bit of overkill I would say…
maybe spread them out a little bit more, thus reducing things that have to be rendered on screen ( i.e reduce the number ).

I took a few screen shots from horizon zero dawn and just look at how spread out the trees are. Not everything is tightly close together. I would say with your issue, its probably having too many trees being so tightly close together and over a big area. I could be wrong, but try it out and give a bit more space between clusters of tree and see how that works.

thank you for your reply and I agree with you, it seems to be the logical thing to do for the moment if I wanna continue forward with the course. I’ll try and cut the number by half and see how that go.

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