Issue with moving objects

Whenever I try and move multiple meshes to the side in order to create space for something new, the wheels move in the opposite direction - as if the origin of these meshes is somewhere it shouldn’t be. I thought it might be something to do with the mirror modifier, or applying transforms but I can’t figure it out…

Can you post some screenshots highlighting the issue please.
This can be done easiest from the window menu inside blender and then using the upload icon above the reply window here.

Thanks in advance


If the wheels are related to the mesh you are moving, the pivot can also move, therefore the centre of the rotation/movement can be negative.

To have a more robust Blender project management, use EMPTIES to be used as a mirror centre. instead of objects which can have changed mesh and origin/pivot point.


Have you a mirror modifier on? Using an empty as a mirroring point is a great tip by @FedPete.


I will try using empties in the future, seems like a good idea thanks :smiley:

I am using the auto mirror tool, and trying to move everything to the left.

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For each individual object (wheels, tracks), where lies the origin point? The orange dot?

try to apply the mirror modifier (in a new .blend file copy).

So I came back to this project after a short while and had forgotten to un-hide the empties I forgot I had. I was confused because I forgot about what I was doing when I left it.
Thanks for suggesting empties, it made me think I had used them already - and I had.


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