Issue with Materials and textures

While redesigning my game scene i am trying to apply a material to the cuboid obstacles but the material is not getting applied properly. (screenshot below)

I want the obstacles to look the same on all faces (same as on the front face).
Normally the tiling applies the same way to all faces i believe but here the tiling that makes the front and back look good, makes the other faces as shown in the top face of the obstacle.

I have also tried creating a simple material and applied it to the lower obstacle, but it got applied only to the front and back and other faces remained blank white. (screenshot below)

Maybe its a silly issue. I am not able to figure out why this is happening and need help to get it fixed.

From what I see here, this might be an UV issue (look at the upper image). Maybe you could UV-unwrap your object in blender to see how the UV vertices are distributed for your top surface.

Sorry for this very delayed reply.

I have never used blender and am not aware how to do UV unwrap.
Furthermore, this issue is happening for all objects i have and all new objects i create in this project. It happens for every material i apply to the objects.
So, is there any setting in Unity which could be causing this? (I am using Unity 2018.2.6 version.)

Hi Dhruv,

Where did you get the cuboid obstacles from?

Hi Nina,

Those are simple cuboids created in unity directly in the project. Materials are then applied on them. I am using the materials imported during early phases of this project.

Check if the Wrap Mode of your textures is set to “Repeat”.

And test the material with a simple, unmodified cube.

yes, on an unmodified cube it applies properly and the wrap mode is set to repeat for all the textures used in the material.

The problem could be the distorted cube. Test other shaders. As you can see, something similar happens with your mountains. This gets usually solved with a triplanar shader.

Using other shaders I am not able to get the material to look the same as it is looking with standard shader. Also, I don’t see a triplanar shader in my unity.
Is Triplanar not an already provided shader and needs to be downloaded?

I imported this same material and its required textures in a new project. When I created a cuboid there and applied this same material to it, the material got applied properly on all faces. Below is the screenshot from that new project.

You can find triplanar shader scripts on the internet.

The issue is still there in your current screenshot. See here:


Since it’s just a small surface, it’s not that obvious.

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