Issue with Godot 3D Course, cant download resources

Hello! I am currently working on the “Complete Godot 3D: Code Your Own 3D Games In Godot 4!” course; so far it has been wonderful. I have just gotten to section 2.15, Introducing Audio, when I noticed that the provided resource link sends me to a file not found page. I have tried accessing it on Firefox and Edge but each time i get that error. Is there something I am missing or is the link just broken?

@Marc_Carlyon I can confirm the link is currently broken.

@GameLog, the good thing is, as far as I remember, nothing else in this section is dependent on the audio being implemented, so you can skip the lecture for now and come back to it when the link is repaired. Thanks for mentioning it!

This also appears to be the case with the “Complete Godot 4 2D: Code Your Own 2D Games In Godot 4!”.

Which lecture exactly in the 2D course? That will help Support to fix it faster.

4.2 Project Setup - Martian Mike, though I think all resource links are not working

@Marc_Carlyon All links to downloadable resources are broken for all of the Godot courses, so there is something wrong with file hosting in general at the moment.

@GameLog @Matthew_Erwin The issue seems to be fixed now. Reply back if anything is still broken =)

Apologies that i was away for the weekend.
We had an issue with our back end that lost all the references to our resource downloads.
This was resolved within 24 hours of us discovering the issue i just was not able to get to the forums until today.

Thank-you for reporting this and we apologize for the inconvenience caused

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