Issue with code removing the "Base" images

I have an issue in my game wherein the Base images of each armor slot go away on game runtime, as follows:

This is in scene view, and then below is in runtime:

the prefab hierarchy looks as follows:

Not quite sure what is happening here but I think this is whats messing it up somehow:


For future code pastes, it’s helpful for us if you paste in the code of the script rather than a screenshot of the script.

This is the prefab for the EquipmentSlotUI…

Note that the background image contains the frame along with the grayed out slot identifying image merged into one.
The Icon field in EquipmentSlotUI links to the InventoryItem GameObject beneath it.

I’ve activated the Image component on this GameObject just to highlight that it is an empty image. Normally, this image is turned off until something is in that EquipmentSlot. I suspect that you’re putting the grayed out slot image in this location rather than in the parent image.

Thank you for the help, this was EXACTLY what was going on!

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