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Just as the title suggests I’ve been following along with the GoDot tutorial for the 2D games, and made it nearly to the end of Speedy Saucer so far. The issue I’m having is all was well until I added the parallax background effect. Once I added that now when exiting the game there is an odd amount of hang time. I know its not my PC as I can close and open anything else with no issue or hang time. (games on steam, browser windows, etc). I was wondering what the issue is in Godot, and wondering if there are any suggestions on how to fix this issue, or if anyone else is having this issue?
I have not ran into anything else. The tutorial has been extremely informative, and the game worked smoothly until this portion (lecture 24 - Parallax Background)

I wouldn’t ordinarily consider the scene transition here, but the symptom sounds very similar to a topic from about a week ago, which is here if you want to check that out:

That’s why I think this is worth trying, even though it seems like a longshot on paper. In the level script, replace:

  • get_tree().reload_current_scene()

with either of these (they both do exactly the same thing, but the former syntax may or may not be exclusive to Godot 4.3 - I’ve seen conflicting accounts about that, but it seemed to work when I tried it in 4.2.1):

  • get_tree().reload_current_scene.call_deferred()
  • get_tree().call_deferred("reload_current_scene")

It’ll be interesting to see if it has any impact; if not, we’ll go from there.

I will try this in the AM and report back if this fixes the issue. Thank you so much for the response. I greatly appreciate it. I would check now but its pretty late, and I don’t want to look through the files currently. I will definitely do first thing tomorrow though because I’m off and this was really frustrating to see such a small amount of code with such a significant delay that seemed to be caused from this specifically – I say that with a great deal of certainty because I’ve meticulously documented everything I’ve done through OneNote, and have a before/after report as to what each lesson went over, what I changed specifically from lesson-to-lesson, and the scripts written/edited along each step.

Thank you, I will definitely report back in the AM.

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Hey. This started happening for me during the previous lesson (Using Signals To Reset The Game). It only happens when I hit the X in the corner to close the game. If I use the F8 shortcut instead, the window closes immediately. I don’t know why this is, but give it a shot if you’ve been using the X button :green_heart:

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I suspected that might be the case, so thanks for this =)

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