Issue with bowling ball

So when I try to render out my bowling ball and pins animation the ball works perfect in the layout tab but when rendering the ball never shows up and doesn’t smashe pins. Thanks for any help

Update: all that was required was to close the blend file and reopen it . Then everything worked fine


I had this problem when rendering the first time. It worked the second time though? I didn’t make any changes to anything so I’m not sure why it happened.

Hi Guys,

I did reply to a similar question and its likely that the physics cache was not played fully through so it only renders what it had cached.
In the video i let the animation play through in the scene to populate the cache before the render.

Physics are meant to be getting an update in the future so this lecture may change or be adjusted in the future

Hope this helps

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Solved by OP by opening and closing blender

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