Issue when saving as an STL

I’ve been following the Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design Course and when I get to the Clothing & Armour section I tried to export it as an STL and it lost all the detail added by the Sculpting.

Is there a way to export it as an STL for 3d printing and keeping all the sculpting details?

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My guess is you were using a subdiv modifier? It may well need to be applied as it is fake geometry until then. You want it for 3d printing, the low poly is low poly, the details baked are fake. High full res only for the real world prints.

I think it did have a subdiv modifier. From what I can remember (was over a week ago) I tried to apply it and it came out really blocky

For 3D printing, you can NOT use material definitions like height/bump/displacement maps!

a 3D print model is like a clay model. Everything must be modeled by vertices and faces.
If you are using modifiers, like subdivision,. You need to APPLY them for making a PRINTER .stl version.
So what you see is what you get. Blender smoothing doesn’t work for 3D printing.

Low poly means flat faces.

Apply subdivision to a low poly model and apply the modifier. The higher the subdivision, how smoother the 3D printed version will be. Depending on 3D printer setting and resolution.

Blender has a 3D printer plugin, see preferences. It can help you in checking the model.

In the export settings, did you have this option checked to apply modifiers on export?


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