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As soon as I select the Armature modifier, my model shifts in a different position thus changing the position of the rig and acts all funny (Shade don’t follow the rest of the model. I’ve applied the transform but it’s not working


Can you upload the blend file?


Lampe test.blend (834.4 KB)


Lampe test (fix).blend (855.9 KB)

You had whole lamp as one object separated as vertex groups; you need to have each part of the lamp as a separate object in order to animate each piece separately.

Edit: For some reason, the objects moved when I downloaded the fixed file. You’ll find the objects separated into new objects but you might have to unparent each object from the bones, clear location on all the objects and reparent each new object to the armature after you’ve adjusted the armature into its proper location. Hope this helps.


Explains alot.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Hi Felix,

After advancing in the lectures, I became aware of why you were assigning vertex groups and I apologize for misunderstanding the post! I had another look at it and wanted to help fix this issue properly!

Here are some screenshots to help get you back on track!

  1. Reset the location and rotation of the bones in pose mode.

  1. Apply the Location and Rotation of the Armature and the mesh in Object Mode and then adjust the bones in Edit Mode to fit the mesh properly.

  1. After repositioning the bones, you will see that the shade bone in Pose Mode still shifts in position when toggling from Pose Mode to Edit Mode. This is because one of your bone constraints is limiting its rotation improperly! (In Pose Mode, the shade bone is tilted up too far.)

  1. Adjust the Limit Rotation constraint for the shade bone. I changed it to -60d.

  1. Apply the Armature!!

  1. And finally, Remove Doubles from your vertex groups!

I hope this is the TRUE solution!!!



Wow ! This is more than expected

Really appreciate it



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