Issue on clicking ask and talk below a lesson

I can’t see any of the discussions below the classes in Unity 2d today.

It was working yesterday. But today, when I click to ask a question, it just opens a new window to the same class I am currently taking. It does that when I click talk or ask.

I saw back in May, someone in math was having the same issue in a lesson.

I am currently in Basic C#, Scope and Context of Variables.

Thanks, Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

On which platform are you enroled?

This particular class is Unity 2d. I am running the video on windows 10. I also use a mac so i checked to see if it was the same on my mac and it is.

I actually went back and checked all the different lessons and they are all like this in Unity 2d. Yesterday they were not because I posted a question. I can’t see the previous questions that were asked below each lesson and yesterday I could. If you go to any of the classes in the Unity 2d course and click on the ask or talk button and you will see that it opens a new window to the lesson and not the community forum.

I can still ask questions on the udemy site, but I really really like this site. I feel more organized here!! :slight_smile: . It’s like all my little ducks are in a row so to speak.

Thanks in adv, Jenn C

And thank you Nina for helping out with this. I appreciate it.

I’ve forwarded this issue to our admin, so they can look into this.

thank you…

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