Issue: Camera Switching on Play

I have been following along in the videos and progressing well, but now I have an issue where when I hit play in the Unreal editor the camera starts in the right position, but suddenly switches to just below the tank. I have included a video which shows what is happening. My repository for the project is here.

After working more on the issue, I figured out that it only happens after the collision with the ground – if I remove ‘Simulate Physics’ from the Tank mesh in Tank_BP, the camera is in the right place over the tank (which is now hovering). The camera rotation and the UI dot work correctly. Changing it back, only once the tank has settled on the ground, the camera falls onto the ground like in the video.

I made at least a temporary fix by unchecking ‘Do Collision Test’ under ‘Camera Collision’ in the Spring Arm details for the Tank_BP. This might have some ramifications later on, but at least the camera doesn’t fall under the ground anymore.

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