IsPointerOverGameObject() seems on the way out

Hey all!

I scoured the unity docs and found what looks like the replacement for the outdated IsPointerOverGameObject() method. I’m trying to practice my skills in adapting to ever changing libraries.

The issue is this doesn’t look like a standard event that we’ve been using as we need to use GetPooled() to take out and use a MouseOverEvent found in the UIElements library. But I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to use it.

Is there a modern equivalent to IsPointerOver… that I’m missing? And if this is it, how do I use these kind of template, static, and pooled events because what we’ve learned so far doesn’t seem to work. Thank you!!

IsPointerOverGameObject is still the law of the land at this time.

At this time, UIElements only work in the Editor (like custom editors, inspectors) and not in actual ingame UI.

Thanks again Brian! I didn’t expect such a quick response on both platforms. Much appreciated :slight_smile: