Isometric tiles, a test project

Tiling in Blender is of importance. But also in game worlds.
I did a test run to create Isometric tiles using Blender 3D.
I thought it would be great. But I have no experience on that matter.
I created a basic wall with the brickwork shader. Just to see.
I made also grass as a basic floor texture, using particles.
This orginal one is 640x640 and I like the texture and details.

But using it as a single tile, whereby standards of 32px, 64px or 128px are more likely.
It becomes flat, blurry and I don’t like it at all.

64px 128px

It seams that besides a basic 3D structure in Blender, texturing using advances meshes isn’t the solution.


Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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I increased grass size.
grass - 03


Using the same particles settings, but with a different random seed.
I got four different grass tiles with the same structure/texture.

grass - 04 grass - 05 grass - 06 grass - 07

Still tiling sequence, but less.


Next layer, the pawn.

miner - down - 256 miner - left - 256 miner - right - 256 miner - up - 256

Missing a shadow layer to add depth to the pawn.


I’m liking this last render the best, as now it doesn’t look like such a uniform duplication of a small patch of grass. It’s definitely looking more random, which is how real grass grows.

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I like the way your pawn came out, and the two different sizes in this last render is a fun render. I agree with you that shadows under their feet would add that little extra something needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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