Isometric grid

Hi Grant or anyone else out there.
I just downloaded the isometric background you have suggested to use as a background layer, but I’m not sure if it’s just my eyes, but I can’t see the pale blue lines .
Do you have a suggestion fir an alternative ?
Or do don’t suppose we can change the colours as it’s an existing image I’m guessing not.

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Create one by yourself or search on the web.

Hi xMezzy,

Can you let us know which lecture this is for please?

there are lots online you can download. I made this one for copyright reasons so i could offer it with the course but there maybe more clear ones out there.

Hi Marc,

This was far lecture 27 Isometric Diorama, Grants download was just way to faint for my old eyes to see lol. Its probablt the pale blue on white that doesnt help.

I managed to find a grey scale grid similar online , not as much detail , but It might do the job


I am glad you found one :slight_smile:
I didnt think to look so i may revisit as my eyes didnt cope to well with the image either (My eyesight to blame not the image)

Hope you are enjoying the course!

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I’ve not picked up a drawing stick since I left school 40 years ago and I was awful at art back then. I did do technical drawing at school and as part of my apprenticeship, so the ideas of different perspectives are not new to me.
But as for the course I’m loving it, my biggest issue is ‘me’. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with a bit of OCD thrown in , so when I draw something and it’s not perfect I want to screw it up and throw it away lol. That’s where my new graphics tablet helps, bit hard the screw up a digital image and toss it in the bin lol.
Saying that , getting to grips with the tablet and krita is another skill all together.
Trying to draw a staight(ish) line or a half decent circle or oval is something I need to wird]k on lol


Sounds very much like a reflection of my own skills too there :slight_smile:
I did TD at school as well back when we had the T square :slight_smile:
I may have to switch over to my tablet, The wife is complaining about my drawing being everywhere lol :slight_smile:


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