Is Trigger Confusion

So I found that unchecking Is Trigger on the Player Capsule Collider 2D stops the wall jumping. The death state still triggers without the Enemy Collider 2D having the Is Trigger box checked. So what is the purpose of having the Is Trigger box checked if it still works without?


Do you use OnTriggerEnter2D() in your Player script? If not, it’s not necessary. Rick disabled “Is Trigger” on the CapsuleCollider2D in one of the videos, too, if he enabled it at some point.

So he disabled it on the Player, but then enabled it for the Enemy Capsule Collider 2D instead. I am not using OnTriggerEnter2D(). Using the myAnimator.SetTrigger(“Dying”) in the Die() method like he uses. And both my player and enemy do not have IsTrigger checked and it works.

I’m not complaining it works, just trying to figure out why and the purpose of the IsTrigger if it doesn’t seem to work.

@Nina @Rick_Davidson

Can we get this explained so it can be solved :slight_smile:

Does Bence’s explanation answer your question?

No I have not seen or heard an answer to this yet. It’s fine, go ahead and close it, I’ll figure it out eventually.

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