Is this similliar to how parenting works in Blender?

I noticed that this is almost the same as parenting a child to a main object in Blender.
If that is so then in this case why can’t we just “join” the mesh of the tray to the mesh of the rack together (similiar to how ctrl+J in blender works)?
Wouldn’t that lessen the clutter by turning the multiple meshes into one single static component mesh?

You can actually join the meshes together if you don’t want to be able to manipulate them independently. You do this with the “Merge Actors” tool : Merging Actors in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation . I’ve done this with modular building prop assets where I’d combine multiple meshes from the asset packs and then combine them into a single static mesh actor.

Oh I see, thanks for the answer!

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