Is this pin as requested?

HI there,
i have been fallwoing along, but i got things a bit dfferent. still looks like a bowling pin but there is a mistake somwhere…
the very top has a small it, also the size of the pin just over 3.8. when i select everything i get the z at 1.73711 i think it should be z is not on 1.9. since i did have the entail start piont at 0,0 and 0,1.9

to put this thing in the right place i used snap to get it to the grid and that seems to work. but still a small gap there.
also this is my first post here so sorry if the image seems strange. (the gamedev seems to limt my usage as a new user to one image). would be nice to load a beld file…

thanks in advance,

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