Is this course still going? What's next?

Is this course going to cover more comprehensive blender/unity workflow stuff or is it pretty much done at this point?

For example:

  • Animations & Rigging
  • Building and importing scenes using linked libraries of objects
  • Using OnPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties to read custom properties on objects from blender on import (eg. to automatically apply components or tags).
  • Setting up meshes for use with vertex shaders (eg. water or furr).
  • Vertex painting for yet another additional data layer you can use in unity for shaders.

Do we have a wish list some where we can post with this stuff?

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@shadowmint Thanks for letting us know what you would like to see more of.

The voting part of the site is where suggestions can be made at the moment

We realised that the course is does have a particular direction so we are working on getting it a specific one it’s too large a scope to cover everything in detail and too vbroad that people don’t know what the course actually is.
Development is ongoing- this course will likely morph into either a character specific course or an environment specific course- or will be the genesis for those courses.

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Regardless of what happens to this course, those of you who have bought before this date it will get access to any future Game Environments and Game Characters courses.

We’ll make an official announcement on this in the next couple of weeks.


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