Is this course for beginners (no coding experience)

I have literally no experience about programming and I want to learn gamedev so I decided to learn c++ to make games with unreal engine so is the (Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Learn C++ & Make Video Games) course for me or what should I do ?

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Yes, just be bold and jump in into the course. It’s designed for beginners, the first lectures teach the basics and the last ones more advanced concepts.

Don’t fret over your lack of basic programming concepts because they’ll always be the same no matter which course you follow: Variables, Variables Types, Functions, Loops and Conditions.

The most dangerous thing for you at the moment is information overload. Respect your own learning pace and learning style without comparing to others, your brain will require plently of repetition and rest time to absorb all these new concepts.

You’ll certainly go trough frustrating moments of not understanding what the heck is going on, but don’t give up, repeat, research and rest until things click.

Another type of information that is very dangerous for you at the moment is external subjective opinions. Be open to external suggestion but keep a litle bit of skeptcism, not every advice you’ll receive in online communities will be valid for you personally.


I had lots of experience in C++ and started this course as a refresher after some time away from development, and to learn about current game development tools (still around 50% done).

I would recommend knowing at least some programming concepts, even if generic. The basics are covered, but still you may have the impression that the “information overload” mentioned by @GDTVPrince starts soon. In that case, just don’t be shy to ask and re-visit the materials step by step as much as needed until you understand them before running too fast :smiley:. Best luck!

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I don’t know anything about c++ so do this course teaches me ?

I don’t know anything about c++ so do this course teaches me ?

Do you have any knowledge about any programming language? (Any that it’s not only visual).


Then I would go for a crash basics course for absolute beginners and then would take this course. This is to avoid the impression that you are copying and pasting code without knowing too much how to write your own; UE is large and feeling lost is a possibility :woman_shrugging:. The course gives opportunities to practice and try on your own, and taking those opportunities seriously, asking, and insisting until things work is important :smiley: :muscle:.

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Thanks very much

If you feel that the Unreal course might give you “information overload” has a C++ fundamentals course that uses the Raylib library instead of an Engine like Unreal. This allows the focus to stay on C++ and programming fundamentals, so you don’t have to learn both C++ and Unreal at the same time.

If you purchase the C++ unreal bundle, it includes both the course you mentioned + the fundamentals course as well as an intermediate course.

That’s what I’m doing, I just finished the fundamentals course and started the Unreal course a couple days ago.


I was going to suggest as @Remeran does that having a little coding experience helps so the fundamentals C++ course might be a better starting place. C++ is not a complex language in itself to start with but some of the concepts are tricky to understand.

If you are brand new to coding, I might even suggest considering one of the blueprint courses. This will let you become familiar with the Unreal environment and get an idea for visual coding at the same time - you need to learn how to use blueprints anyway. The blueprints bundle has a number of great courses which is a good way to start out. Normally i’d recommend following them first over the C++ course as it’s just one less thing to worry about. I hope this helps.

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Thanks very much for you all

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