Is there any ways in Blender to blend the normals as well?

We can blend the texture colors with the cavity with the mix node.
But if I download a rock material with a normal map. Can I blend that normal map with the baked normal map somehow?

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You can bake a normal map, you can mix two normal map images like any colour images. Not sure what or why you might mix a baked normal map with another, but essentially it is just two image maps that can be mixed with a mix node.


Images containing normal information are just bitmaps. Where the RGB color information is just a vector in the XYZ direction. You can mix color bitmaps, but that is NOT the same when these are used as XYZ vectors.

In the shader editor, you split an RGB image into XYZ data (vectors) and combine, and manipulate them as XYZ coordinates. And after that, you combine the XYZ data into a color (normal) bitmap. In this method your are working with the XY data, the Z stays the same. Z-ax is the 90deg face normal.

I know it is technical, you should look it up (what is a normal map). But working with combining normal maps, handling as RGB bitmaps doesn’t mean a correct outcome.


@FedPete Thank you for the detailed answer :slight_smile:

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