Is there any Way to find a course with this Code?

Hi, is there an option to find a course or spezific lecture with this codes from the forum?

by clicking on this code, i only see other threats to this lecture.
Maybe i am just dumb or blind ?!

Thank you for your help!

The code goes (lecture)(section)(course), are you wanting to be able to go to that lecture instead of just the threads?

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Thanks for your reply, i saw that structure too, but i don’t really see on which Course the lecture is (or the Post). So yeah, i tried to find the lecture with this code.

E.G. Show Your Pretend Platformer Screenshot
Rick’s showcase of his silly platformer. The Code is 2d, 3_is_uy2

Ah, gotcha. Unfortunately they don’t link back to the actual lecture.

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Damn, would be nice to see it the other way :upside_down_face:

Thank you for your help!!!

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