Is there althernative to Unreal 5 C++ documentation?

The online documentation for Unreal 5 C++ is very poor is there alternative way to this documentation ?

Not that I am aware, but I would be interested to know. Also, when your searching make sure you’re not making the same mistake I was and not selecting the C++ API to search under…by default it will search under Documentation.


Thanks . I saw a book in Amazon for Unreal 5 C++ but it also poor material does not cover everything

The thing is with those books…they can have 2000 pages and 1800 of those pages will be about teaching you how to rotate the camera and import assets…dumb stuff that anyone could figure out within the first 5 minutes of opening the application without ever watching a video.

this was solved and will close in 1 day… wait, sorry, this is a talk, not a question

These courses are actually good alternative to the documentation. There is no way to memorize everything, so referring to docs and these videos will help you. You can adapt it to your needs.

In real projects I can not tell my boss wait I will watch some videos also docs are poor so chanes I would stuck is high

Having access to the engine source helps but generally the docs are of poor quality. I know of no real alternative and like was discussed earlier, books aren’t great because they are often not thorough enough and usually out of date within a year.

The unreal forums, discords and the likes are usually the best way to ask for help but that takes time and you might not have it. Searching will often give you the answer assuming you have a vague idea of what you want.

It always comes back to the documentation which is basic. Having a look at the Blueprint equivalent can often be helpful but not always.

Sorry I can’t offer more useful guidance on this. The real frustrating thing is when I first used UE4, around 4.17 I think it was, the docs were brilliant but at some point they changed them I suspect to be autogenerated. I assume some tool like oxygen picking comments added to the source and the quality dropped massively. This was maybe 4.23 or around then.

I understand why - documentation is a full time job and if the engine is constantly changing, it is tough to maintain.

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I know reading documentation isn’t the most exciting thing, but the UE5 documentation really isn’t bad. Especially if you use it in conjunction with, or to further supplement your learning, it’ll really help. Mind you, it’ll ALSO help you a lot if you learn just C++ as well, so you know more about what the language itself does, how it works, and what it can be used for, etc. If you want to get REALLY good it would be worth your while to learn more about CompSci to learn more about what programming langauges are actually doing to your machine on a lower level, so you can optimize your code to be better. The UE5 documentation is just for the Unreal specific stuff. From there, the courses here are pretty good, there are some official Epic courses you can watch for free as well, and you can always try looking on YouTube if there’s a specific topic you’re having trouble with and need to learn more about

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