Is there a way to prevent override for base?

I find the use of variant really good at times, on the other hand also very annoying, especially when I’m sleepy. One wrong click of “Apply All” without thinking, that’s another hour trying to fix the one little click. Eg. if I mistakenly click “Apply All” in Player, removing the unwanted components from Character is easy but to find and revert all the changes like avatar/health/damage etc from the 1000 Enemies variant is just pain in the…well…is there a way to lock the base or different variant in order to prevent it to be overridden? Thanks

Unfortunately, no. There doesn’t appear to be a way to lock a base prefab and prevent overrides from applying back to the base.

That leaves it up to us to be careful not to apply unless we’re sure we want something to propogate, especially in large inheritance trees.

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