Is there a way to equip armor on player?


Hi all, i ve a problem spawning armor on player.
When i try to spawn armor it doesn’t move at all, if i put animator on armor it will loop the idle animation and won’t switch to other player’s animations.
Do you guys know a way ?
I put only helm inside the neck root, other part of armor is inside an empty in player.
Let me know, ty for who reply.

Unfortunately, this way won’t work with many armor elements…
Weapons and shields are fairly easy, you’re not expecting the weapon to bend, just move with the arms. Same with helmets. Things like chest pieces or leggings, however, will always look odd.

The only good solution for these is to get a system like Synty’s Modular Fantasy Heroes, or InfinityPBR’s Humans set. What both of these companies have done is to make all of the armor pieces tied to the skeletons, so they bend and move properly with animations. Those setups aren’t free, however. They’ll also take some work to make them equip properly.

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