Is there a tool to see C++ Order Of Operations?

this stuff is really math. Applied math is just Signs and Orders Of Operations. So obviously their must be a tool to literally see sequentially how C++ processes my code. That would be very useful, thanks.

Yes, it is right in the Visual Studio, it is called Debugger. Just google for it or see couple youtube videos how to start and run the debugger. Also it is very fun to debug see your own code running step by step

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I have heard a lot of people use something called VisX. What do you think about that?

Never heard of that tool. VS debugger is more than enough for almost any debugging need.

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Actually it was probably called ‘Visual Assist’.

based on their websites user feedback only primitive cavemen use VS without it.

Recently, I was developing at home where I do not have Visual Assist. Progress was so slow. It was like programming with stone knives and bearskins.
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Yes, it used to be called Visual Assist X before. it used to be more relevant in the older visual studio days like VS6 or 7, when VS lacked basic refactoring features in the editor, and Visual Assist X had that WOW factor with its fancy code styling and refactoring features.
Nowadays, most of these features are covered by VS, and personally I don’t think having Visual Assist is a must. Besides it is a paid product.

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