Is there a reference terminology Glossary for C++?

So I grabbed the Humble Bundle and I’m loving it so far. I just have really bad ADHD and I’m having a hard time remembering all the different terms and vocabulary associated with C++.

I’d love to be able to keep a list of terms up on my other monitor so I can quickly reference them and refresh my memory until I can fully grasp the new language.

I’ve been having to pause a lot and sometimes go back multiple courses just to remember exactly what something simple like a “float” means. This course is beautifully taught but I feel like I’m quickly going to start getting slowed down by having to go back many videos to give my brain the jolt it needs to do the “pause the video and have a go” sections.

The go to reference site is

But that might be too technical for you, so I would suggest making your own.

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This is actually almost perfect. I might reduce it down to bullet point notes for quick reference. I just need the little “Oh yeah” refreshers. I was just kind of hoping that list had already been made. haha

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