Is there a method of archiving within Discourse?6

Pretty much as above, I appreciate it’s very early days at the moment, but I wondered whether Discourse either auto-archives, or whether there is a manual process that would need to be run from time to time. Important to know perhaps if there is anything that topics need doing to them (effectively closing them I suppose).

If not, is there any risk of seeing a decline in performance over time? Again, appreciating it is far too early to know what that may look like, but thought I would throw it out there now for consideration.

I don’t think it will slow, I believe it lazy loads so old stuff is just buried.

You can set topics to auto close on a date when no longer relevant. You an delete but I don’t suggest it. I think we can archive too but not sure what that does.


With regards to the lazy loads, presumably it pushes an old topic that has a recent reply to the top of the pile again? Not sure we have had a long enough/old enough topic yet to see this.

I have used the auto close feature, mainly on the PacktPub posts, was useful. I wouldn’t delete anything just to tidy up, I assume even with the lazy load functionality, if someone were to perform a search something from ages back would still arrive in the results.

Just wondered really, as I said, probably way to early to worry about it anyway - but equally would be a pain if it was later necessary to trawl through hundreds of posts to close them down so that they could be archived! :slight_smile:

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