Is the godot 4 shaders course a subset?

First, Kaan, thank you for the course, I learned a lot.

There are sections there that refer back to other sections which I cannot locate, eg the water shader refers to normals discussed in a previous section and there are shaders/mesh instances that ‘magically’ appear as though covered.

I am wondering if the course I am doing is a subset of a larger course, with references to missing sections in this course that appear in a larger course. If not, I am unsure how to access the bits I think I am missing. I did follow step by step through each section.


Hi Dare2,

I think this ties in with your other post with regards to a missing lecture.
I will raise this with the production team and get them to check over the entire course for any issues.

Thanks again for letting us know on this

Thank you.

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