Is it possible to use multiple textures on the same object?

Hey everyone!
Can we use UV unwrapping using two different textures on the same object? In the course, we were taught how to use multiple textures for different objects. I was wondering if its possible to use one image for the plane’s wings and a different image for texturing the main body. Is it possible to do that?

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yes, you can do by assigning different materials i,e, one material to plane’s wings and another to main body.


As Rao mentioned it, yes!

  • You need to add multiple materials to your object.
  • In edit mode select the faces of your model and ASSIGN them to the material.
  • Each material can use the same UV-Map if needed.
  • You can also have multiple UV-Maps for the same object. It has more expert usage.

Another solution is to use only one bitmap and draw (texture) the different islands of the UV-map. You can export your UV-map as a template for GIMP, KRITA … Then you can use your favorite drawing tools instead of Blender.

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