Is it possible to use a different objects to "normalize" gradient?

Hi there,
I split the mountain mesh into two objects, as suggested by Grant.

Things work fine. However, the gradient for the “flat lands” vs “mountain range” differs a lot.

Gradient settings for the mountains,

Settings for the flat lands. There is a negative geometry below the lake. Changing the lake’s depth didn’t make a significant difference. Also not between object or generated.

I assume the black to white gradient is based on an object’s dimension, width or height. To avoid seams between the two objects, can I use another object as reference height, for both landscapes? Or another node?
My first try using the Object-picker didn’t work.

Hope this makes sense.

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This might partially answer my question :wink:


After fiddling around with the nodes, the answer to my original questions seems to be Yes.

The key is the location of the center point of the reference object - here the rectangle. (Thx, @NP5 for the post)

Center at z = 0

Moving the center point in the rectangle down impacts the other objects.

Moving the center point up

Nodes - Object is the reference geometry. Use Object as vector node.

Hope this helps.


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