Is it possible to reuse an action in Blender via Asset Browser?

Experimenting with Blender’s asset system, it seems that I can mark an action as an asset. Here, I have a 4 bone armature with an action MyAction1. Over in the outliner, via a right-click on the action, it can be seen that MyAction1 is now an asset.

If the action is ‘pushed down’ onto the NLA stack, attempting to mark it as an asset results in the armature being the asset, not the action, here illustrated in the case of MyAction2.

What does it mean for an action to be an asset? I was supposing that I could drag an action from the asset browser onto an armature, in the same way that materials can be dragged from the asset browser to an object. Then, if the armature happens to have bones of the same name as the action was designed for, everything would work.

Evidently that doesn’t happen. From a different blend file, dragging MyAction1 from the asset browser onto an armature, even one with identically named bones, isn’t allowed.

Attempting to drag MyAction1 into the Action Editor isn’t allowed either.

Is what I’m trying to do simply not possible?


I don’t think this feature is implemented yet – it’s been requested a few times on the Blender suggestions forum, but the Asset Browser is still a work in progress.

I haven’t tried it, but there’s a YouTube video for Blender 3.5 that seems to suggest a workaround:


Thanks @Myn , thought maybe I was missing something in order for the Asset Browser to behave as I expected.

Within a given blend file, I can use an Action assigned to one armature to animate a second armature by selecting it in the Action Editor. I assume bone names must match.

Sharing an Action between armatures in two different blend files can also be accomplished via File>Append in the second file. Then, assigning via the Action Editor as above.

So I guess it’s just the same thing via the Asset Browser that doesn’t seem to work.


good answers, but still disappointing, LOL xxx

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