Is it okay to apply mirror modifier on clothes?

Just want to be sure!

I’m allmost done with the modeling section. But I’m following my own design for the clothes, which has an asymmetrical sweater. I followed the tutorial steps and made my sweater with the mirror modifier on.

Now that I have the basic fit and shapes right, is it okay to apply the mirror modifier on my sweater mesh? So that I can make my asymmetrical design? Or do we need the mirror later on for something?

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Yes I think so. I did some, Grant does mention somewhere that some modifiers may want to be applied like the solidify if you want most of the internal faces removed. Same with wanting to add asymmetry with the need to apply the mirror mod.

It does make more work in the texturing phase as you have to hand paint all rather than half which is probably why Grant just goes with it as is.


Thanks for explaining! So fast haha

I think I’ll apply the modifier then :slight_smile: I don’t mind some extra painting


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