Is it bug?

I encountered this problem messing up with particle system. When I edit my hairs in particle edit and then switch back to object mode to see it does not allow me to add more hair or change its main properties. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Using 3.3.0 with the new hair module, you can expect problems.
And maybe not understanding the correct workflow on this matter.
There are Youtube videos ofcourse.


The new hair system is so new I doubt anyone has much experience with it yet to be able to offer help. I have not even got the latest version yet and usually wait at least for the first update which tends to be a bug fix.


Thanx for the help.

The “main properties”(Emission) are only there so that you don’t have to start with a blank canvas, as far as I know; You can add hairs in particle edit mode by clicking the brush icon on the left side with the plus-sign on it.

@NP5 @FedPete
unless I missed something, the new hair system was added alongside the particle based hair system, so I’d imagine that the old system works the same as 3.2.

If you need to know which system someone is using (from a screenshot), a quick way to tell the difference is that the new system grooms the hair in sculpt mode, and it has its own properties tab.


Oh well spotted!
It looks so different from how I use hairs I did not realise.
Definitely just click the add hair button then. Though why start with only 5 or six I am not sure?

I would still use the new system now though, I am unsure how long the old one will be left in Blender as well.

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I can’t imagine them doing away with the old Particles System because it’s used for more things than just hair.

I can see them just removing the “hair” option from the Particles System eventually, but don’t see them removing Particles altogether.

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Physics is due a remake too, probably taken to node based and such like. But you are right old hair probably will not be removed for a bit yet. Though scattering things has gone geo node based instead of hair particles. I suspect from now on few if any will use old hair, or do tutorials on how to use the old system was the direction I was getting at.


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