Is it better to attach the collision to the sequence?

Instead of adding the blueprint to the level, I created an asset blueprint instead. I was wondering if it is a better practice to add a collision component to the sequence and create an asset blueprint out of that instead of adding to the level editor blueprint. Or does it not make a difference?

Which course is this for?

It’s from the ‘Unreal Engine Cinematic Creator: Lights, Camera, Action!’ course in the “Trigger Sequence From Gameplay” video. I noticed that Rick Davidson placed a sequence and collision object into the world as separate entities and I was wondering if it was better to have them as a parent/child.

I see, so thi is for @Rick_Davidson

Its mostly about management of content and where you find it easier to have things live. I like putting things in the level blueprint that happen only once such as each cut scene being triggered. I’m a big fan of each person organising their project how they like (every game project is different) rather than one rule on how it needs to be done.

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