Is it a good idea?

Hi, I have a tech news site which provides visitors to get the latest news and features about new technology.

Actually I have a question here that I would like to create a part to my website about gaming development where users or gamers can achieve more knowledge about gaming, if they have any inquiries or issues. Here is my website. What do you think it would be a good idea to start up?

Hey Oral,

Despite the fact there are quite a large number of sites with similar content, this sounds like a great idea.

I can explain. The ByteSpured’s main page looks colorful and cozy. Actually, I’ve always liked visualized articles. And if you want to create something like a development category, quite a lot of visitors will come to your site, since you’ll submit this information in free access. I hope you’ll come up with understandable articles for beginners or advanced users. I’ll probably lose your site over time, so just keep us updated on the news in the thread.

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