Is anyone else experiencing editor crashes working on BattleTank in unreal 4.17?

I have been. I’ve completed upto lecture 153 - EditAnywhere vs EditDefaultsOnly and that’s it! My editor started to go into super unresponsive mode.

now it goes unresponsive for an hour or so or even longer, never crashes

I am downloading unreal 4.18 right now. I’ll just redo all lectures today

Made a github repository:

I’ll be push-ing regularly to remote, every single video

Just now past the landscapes section, I am in the 11th lecture right now.

No issues so far, choosing high poly. I am too lazy to make another landscape

Totally missed this last time! I did not combine meshes!

Some warnings importing .fbx files …

Stop at lecture 13. We’ll continue tomorrow.

Finished upto lecture 21, and I messed up with visual studio, deleted unimportant folders and tada …


I successfully **** myself up!

I will keep posting to my page


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