Is 2022.2 really required?

I’m suffering from this issue:
Switching to Vulkan helps with that but (seems to) denigrate Unity’s stability quite a bit.

Between having the flicker or fairly often crashes (at the most inconvenient moments as well, there seems to be a tendency for it to occur during drag&drop operations and I nee to switch into a text console in order to kill the Unity Bug Handler), I wonder if there are features going to be used that require having Unity 2022.2 or is that simply to make the course more recent? I would rather use 2021.3 instead…

Well, drag&drop is also unstable in 2022.2.8f1 with the default OpenGL output…

By now I have updated twice and in 2022.2.10f1 the flickering issue still hasn’t been resolved…

Stephen mentioned on Discord the course is primarily done using 2022.2 to be most up to date at the time it was made, so it would probably be safe for me to downgrade, or for others to still use 2021.3

I did suggest though, if there would be new features in 2022.2 that would be relevant to this type of game, to add some bonus part(s) to the course that would take advantage of them, but in a way that it would be optional to do…

Its likely that after a little while they will put out an update to fix that flickering issue and so the course will be able to be done in 2022 but a slightly later version.

Hopefully they will get a fix out soon to solve this issue. If it pops up a few times before they fix it though we can look at putting a temporary note in the course that we expect this to be fixed and its unity’s end.

Thanks for posting this.

Apparently it’s only an issue on OpenGL (which would be the default Rendering backend on Linux), and adding --force-vulkan in the project’s start setting in the UnityHub helps.


I still do hope they manage to fix it soon. Judging by some previous experiences they might do so when Unity 2022.3 comes out, though…

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