Iris rendered texture

This is the image …

And when put on the model…

… the sky box… The lone Rabbit


Wow, to be honest, I thought the brown bunny pic (second). was a real life photo. Especially the neck, head and eye part. I love the fur, very nice details.
And then the blue one. Love the idea. Did you see the Blender example movie ? Also with a big rabbit.

Thanx, but Blender decided to kill my darling ( crash) :slight_smile: I guess I have to learn to reach that level by choice, not chance… :smile_cat:

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I have been there many times. No crashes but, some stupid keystrokes, saves … brrr. Michael will teach you to use GIT. It helps, but not on all levels.

Yes I have! :slight_smile:

I have a few short-movie Ideas that I just might end up actually doing.

However, I think my mind was somewhere back in the 80’s for this one.
Don’t remember the name of the film just now…

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