Inverted roof section

Hi I thought I followed the steps correctly however I’ve ended up with what seems to be an inverted section on my roof

Good to have the close up, but wider views would help orientate us.
Plus some idea of what was just done, where in the lecture etc.

General Q&A note
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Please give full screenshots with any questions. With the relevant panels open.
Also, include the lecture time and name/number that is relevant to the problem/issue.
The screenshot can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left hand side.
On that menu drop down is ‘save screenshot’.
Close ups additionally where they help.

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  • If you are using a mirror-modifier be sure to have clipping on.
  • You can also have double vertices, solve that first, by doing a merge by distance.
  • Fix manually by selecting two vertices, and merge them using the ‘m’ hot key.

Save your projects regularly, adding a version number .
There is also a auto backup, see the .blend1 file.

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Hi my apologies I am working on the Low Poly Landscapes my error happened in the separating objects video however it wasn’t until the solidify modifier video that it became an issue. I’ve since rebuilt the object. The issue was when duplicating the house for the upper section i duplicated it twice and hadn’t noticed then when selecting faces to further duplicate for the roof i was selecting two faces from one house and one from the other.

To fix i went face by face deleting and then merging vertices to stitch it back together however later in the tutorial the easy solution would have been to highlight everything on the structure in X-ray mode hit “m”and merge by distance

Thanks for your help guys in future I’ll provide better screen shots and descriptions

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