Inventory Items won't drag/drop after loading new scenes with portals

Hi Everyone,

I’m having a weird issue with the RPG inventory system where when I go through a portal and a new scene loads I’m unable to drag or drop my items anymore. When I travel back through to the original scene I can then drag my items once again. Seems like the dragging is only working in the original scene. Any guidance would be great! I can post code snippets but not sure where to even start with this as everything looks fine to me.


Are the items still visible in the inventory in the 2nd scene?

Indeed they are and thank you for the speedy response! That’s why I’m having a hard time finding the issue, I’ve debugged the DragItem script and found that in the 2nd scene the BeginDrag function or attempt drag ones do not fire off anything. it’s weird!


Check to make sure there aren’t any empty UI objects “in front” of the inventory… a great example is some people like to include a fade group that flashes red briefly when you’re hit. Make sure if there are, they have Ignore Raycast checked.

hmmm, so I’ve done some poking around and the only other UI object in front of it would be my fader canvas when transitioning to new scenes, but seeing as how I can drag them in my starting scene when coming back through a portal I don’t see how it could be that :frowning: the canvas and everything is prefabbed so should be consistent across scenes. Seems to be as soon as I leave the starting scene it stops functioning but as soon as I go back to that starting scene it works again. It’s strange because it keeps the location in inventory as well as the number of items in the stack across all scenes. only that dragging feature gets lost…

Finally figured it out! My new scene simply did not have an Event System in the hierarchy :frowning: that’s how you know it’s time to take a break from coding lmfao. Thanks for your assistance! :slight_smile:

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