Hi there! My name’s Timmy! I’m (at this point) a second-year into my college education. I’m gunning for a computer science BA degree.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always played games. I grew up with a lot of older siblings and I was introduced to video games at a young age (NES through the Gamecube era is what we played a lot together). I would never change it for the world!

My math skills, I know, are lacking. I grew up going to a private middle school (at it was not a very wealthy one), and the material they had there was very old. It was material from the 80s and I grew up learning not what other kids my age learned; however, I’m taking the initiative to learn all that has been difficult for me in recent years. I’m a good learner when I can learn things in context and, so far, there have been really good examples when talking about topics (I loved the battle scene from Witcher III showcasing floor and ceiling rounding for damage. That was awesome!). My skills start to lack when coming to factoring for equations in algebra. I hope that this class can help me overcome that hurdle, and if not fully, then I hope that it will at least help. Even, if it’s just a little bit!

I’ve always wanted to develop games since a very young age. I love the ability to create something whether to express my creativeness, or to make something for friends and others to enjoy.

I’ve delved into modding and creating content for the classic DOOM games released in the 90s, and I’ve done that for a little over 6 years now. I absolutely love game/level design.

I’m a big fan of games all over, but I’ve mainly played older generation games. Stuff like the F-Zero series, DOOM, SM64, and the Souls series just to name a few.