Hi Everyone,

I just started the how to get a job course and I am very excited. I have been learning Unity with GameDevTV for a couple years now and I have the completed the complete 3D course and the two RPG courses. I also have started learning blender with the character creator course.

I have also practiced my skills by working on my own game and building system’s from scratch to try and understand the process better.

My passion is really for the programming side and learning how all the complex systems interact. I have a degree in Mechanical engineering, and enjoy the problem solving and integration of many parts on the programming side.

I am moving to NY and looking to make a jump into the game developer industry. I am very excited to see where this course takes me.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the community @Yitzchak_Cohen!

Congratulations on completing all those courses! :clap: I’m excited to see what you will create in the Blender Character Creator Course!

I love New York and am jealous you are going to go live there! I am happy for you and wish you the best when you move out there!

I’ll be here if you need any support! I’m also learning programming to get into the game industry!

Warm Regards,

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Hi everyone, Disktra here !

I’ve just started the Get a Job course during the last days, because I’ve thought about my career as a game creator. My actual job is not very appealing for me, actually it’s kind of really boring. But I’ve got it mainly because I was afraid of working in the game industry right after my studies.

Because yes, I’ve studied 5 years in a game development school in France and I really wanted to work in this industry. I was (a still a little bit) afraid of my own possibilities and didn’t really manage to give myself the right keys. And then I got my first programming job this year, which I don’t really like. So I told myself “I don’t like it because this is not I want to do !”.

Then, I’ve decided not only to follow this course I got since a bit of time now, but also the C++ / Unreal one to recover my skills in C++ and programming in general. I’m also working on cleaning up my Game Design project I made for my Master Degree.

I really hope I can find the right job in the game industry as soon as possible, but I have to recover my programming and game design skills.

Thank you very much for reading and see you everyone ! :smiley:


Hey there. I’m Warren “Stephen” Rose II.

I have an Associate’s in ‘Applied Computer Graphics’ and am two semesters away from a Bachelor’s in ‘Computer Animation Game Design’ with additional Minors in Math and Computer Science. I helped a community college teacher of CompSci and History set up his first Game Design course and spent several years grading papers and writing exercises as one of his teacher’s aides.

I’m somewhat hoping to pitch a project to a specific indie studio so I am mainly following this course to improve my basic LinkedIn and blogging skills in order to inspire confidence. I plan to approach one of the lead designers through his page on LinkedIn for a basic consult on my Artifact, possibly paying him for his time. I’m not exactly expecting his studio to join in on the project - although it would be nice - but I really, really would like their permission to officially add the tag “Inspired by the gameplay of -” to the Steam Launch page for my game.

Thanks for the course and community!

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