"Introduction to the Mapping Node" up to the "Setup Your Chess Scene" challenges

Hello again. It’s been a while since I last shared my take on the challenges, but I’m still doing the challenges. Although, I forgot to share the challenges in here (also because of lack of time)…

So I’m going to share my take on the challenges without any major comments to avoid this topic becoming to big to read. Sorry for this somewhat cluttered (is this a real word?) topic.

“Introduction to the Mapping Node”:

" Topology - Tris, Quads, nGons" (Queen) challenge:

“Mirror Modifier” (Knight) challenge:

For this challenge, I have a comment regarding how I approach it.

Because my base wasn’t symmetrical (as seen on the first two images), using the mirror modifier wasn’t the best option. So I duplicated the base, and used one of the bases to make the knight piece using the mirror modifier. And then, on the end, I erased that base and connected the original and non-modified base to the rest of the knight piece.

For the mouth, I used a bolean modifier (as seen on the 3rd and 4th images), because it’s was easier and added much less geometry than using edges loops.

“Rook” challenge:

“King” challenge:

“Setup Your Chess Scene” challenge:


Good work sorting out your knight and mirror use on the base etc.

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Thank you! :grinning:

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