While I’ve been following Ben for years, now, I hardly expect anybody here to know me, so not seeing an introduction thread yet, I thought I’d start one.

I found Ben thanks to a late-night Facebook Ad promoting his Learn to Code by Making Games course on Udemy and my (at the time) background desire to “make mods” for then alpha-stage Kerbal Space Program. No, I never did make a KSP mod, possibly because there was so much more that could be done!

So, as I’ve had the time/energy I’ve already done quite a bit of dabbling around with Unity and different flavours and environments for C (made a few console mini-games for Windows, for example: TicTacToe).

I’m already enjoying the process of creating Terminal Hacker, even though much of it is familiar territory, and I look forward to working my way through the material and enjoying the inspiration I get from all the rest of you who share your creations and tribulations with the rest of us… Thank You!

Feel free to ‘Reply’ and introduce yourself, too!


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