Introduction & Math

As I lived in the world, I came to know the importance of mathematics, and as I belatedly realized that only by knowing mathematics can I understand the world in depth, I was already interested in game development, so I learned mathematics in a fun way, and wanted to design a better world by getting to know the world. I have a desire to learn mathematics this way.

When I was in university I took a course called “The beauty of mathematics”. It was really fun and helped me get over some of my insecurities about math and logic from when I was a kid.

I particularly fell in love with Euclid’s elements and working through euclidean logic proofs. I’m currently experimenting with programming Euclid’s elements in typescript.

I’m really excited to learn more about math and logic in programming settings! I’m also excited to talk about it with others, to help my colleagues, and to learn from my colleagues :slight_smile:

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