Introduction - Looking for my first job in UI/UX for games

Hi everyone! My name is Ajai, and like it says in the subject line, I’m looking for my first role as a UI/UX (user interface/user experience) designer for games.I have a diploma in game design from Vancouver Film School and have spent most of this year learning all about UX, taking a bootcamp under the mentorship of a games industry UI/UX veteran, and building my portfolio. I’m really hoping that this course is the final piece in the puzzle for me to land my first gig. I’ve taken a few other courses and have found them all to be exceptional (just finished the math for games course not too long ago).

I’d love to connect with folks who have similar goals or are working on projects and are looking for someone to design and create the UI! My portfolio site is

Looking forward to the course!

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good luck dude :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile: