Introduction from a developer

My name is Thiago and I’m a wannabe indie dev. I already work full-time as a software developer today but I always thought that my math foundations weren’t really solid enough. It was never really a problem as a web developer (and even for some other small 2d games that I’ve made in the past), but now that I’m moving into the 3D side of game development I’ve been having nightmares about vectors, quaternions, cosigns and some other math concepts.
And since I don’t want to just copy/paste code that I don’t really understand in my projects, I decided to take this course.
Good luck to me and everyone else :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, Thiago! It’s great to hear that you continue to be involved in game development and are taking steps to strengthen your mathematical foundations. Understanding mathematical concepts is really important when developing 3D games, as they involve concepts such as vectors, quaternions and trigonometric functions.
Take a course at to improve your math skills. It will provide you with a structured learning environment and help you gain a solid understanding of these concepts. It will also allow you to apply what you have learned directly to your game development projects.

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