Introducing the additive animation explodes my character

Hi -
For some parts of this course i’ve followed along in parrallel by implementing methods and solutions as I see fit - so my code ‘mostly’ is the same as the course - but some parts differ.

I’d like some suggestions on how i might troublehoot further - i dont expect anyone to find the exact cause of my issue.

When I add the additive animation for the aim offset - my character’s mesh is altered in a huge way:

Things are fine here:

but when i do this:

I get this hot mess that looks like it’s from ‘the thing’:

I’m very new to animations i know nearly nothing- however i get the feelling the additive animation is adjusting its scale from a point that i’m not expecting - i added other additive animations but i dont know if what i’m seeing is normal or not.

This usually happens when it’s not the exact same skeleton being used. Are you sure you picked the right one when creating the offsets?

Thanks for the tip - I wasn’t able to confirm that as an issue; but i’ve done some more troubleshooting. Of interest - The mesh returns to normal if I kill the player.

And replacing my blend space with one of the pre-existing ones doesnt correct anything:

Also just tested creating a blank animation blueprint and got corruption:

My Game mode setup:

BP_MyPlayer: (note the skeletal mesh and animclass)

The wraith skeletal mesh: (note the preview animation is set to the Aim Offset and causes no issues)

And yet when i use it in my graph i get corruption:

i’ve now spent more than 4 days on a bug that occured on the 4th last video in a course iv’e spent two years trying to complete. I’m unable to resove this now as in troubleshooting i’ve created more mess in the desperate attempt to determine where the issue lies.

I finally just copied all of the lecturers code and assets from github and imported it into my project, recompiled - fixed a few things and… NOPE - still same issue.

To be clear: - Unless i’ve missed somethign - i’ve completly ditched my own code & assets - this should be the exact same as the lecturers.

Has anyone else in unreal 5.0.3 had this issue?

I’m using Sam’s project without issue. Would you mind sending me your project using the following link?

Please use File > Zip Project within Unreal as this will ensure only required files are zipped up and things like the Binaries are excluded.

Also please open the zip in a program like 7zip and delete the AssetPacks folder to reduce the size.

Thanks mate thats very kind.

The zipped project iis 2.95 GiB - and the project upload form wont accept a file that size. (it doesnt indicate the maximum allowed). I’m not sure what the best way to reduce the file size for upload will be - any ideas?

Additionally the project is in such a mess right now - when runnign the game the player animations are completley gone - but the original issue is still visible in the animation blueprint: ABP_ShooterCharacter

I really do want to know what the hell i’ve done to cause this - So i’d love it if you could pinpoint some checkbox or somethign i missed in the blueprint, but i’ve accepted i need to start afresh - i’m just not too sure how to get a new project setup with the files you have on github (i’d like to utilise your existing code in github so i dont have to do it all again)… I ‘Thought’ i would have fixed it when I tried this hybrid. lol.

I believe it’s 2GB.

Only to remove more unmodified assets that I can just copy over on my end. Other than that you could upload it to your own Google Drive or similar service then just provide a link.

From the commit of the lecture you on you can go to “Browse Files” and then use the download icon next to “clone” and that should be the project’s state at that point.

Thanks mate - ive submitted that ticket - let me know if it doesnt come in. I’ve incuded the link to my project i’ve stored on my google drive. (the file size limit seems to be maybe 1GiB, not sure) I think yo u’re right about the skeleton but i just couldnt fix it - if you could somehow get the ABP_ShooterCharacter looking normal that would be enough to satisfy my curiosity.

i’ve now successfully made a fresh project from the clone. I mucked that up though and ended up with the final product instead of from the video i was up to, but i’m so close to the end i dont mind.

Thankyou so much for your time.

The skeleton for each offset was for a _F**… one, fixing that to be the wraith that was in the project you sent. After that each of them didn’t have a base pose. Fixing that and it no longer looked deformed.

Not quite sure what happened with your project as all of these should have already been set up.